António Maçanita
António Maçanita is one of the leading winemakers of his generation, crafting wines, which are constantly recognized in the most prestigious competitions and publications.

Gymnast as a kid, surfer and rugby player as teenager, he studied winemaking in Portugal and worked in Napa Valley, Australia and France before launching his wine project in Portugal. Along with SEXY wines, António is also the founder and owner of FITAPRETA Vinhos and consultant winemaker to 13 wineries in Portugal. Still surfs, plays beach rugby in the summer. Loves wine and loves life!!!

David Booth
Founding partner of FITAPRETA, David Booth was one of the mentors behind the whole project. When they started FITAPRETA , David and António often said between them, “An English viticulturist and a kid as winemaker – this can only go wrong”. Thankfully, it didn’t.

David’s early life was one of full-bore adventure. As a Captain in the British army, he spent time in some of the world’s less peaceful countries, then going on to train anti-poaching units in Kenya, and to clear mines in Mozambique. He studied grape growing in California and Portugal, and it was in Portugal that he established himself has one of the country’s leading viticulturists. He loved outdoor activities, enjoyed good wine and food with friends, exercised hard most days. For us friends, we miss his constant and infectious smile, his eternal optimism, his will to help, his capacity to listen and his pleasure in the simple things in life: fresh air, nature, time with his children, time with people, pure living.

David will always be remembered, and we honor him by continuing the work he was so passionate about, with the same free spirit and energy that was his trademark.