«Rock Crab Cannelloni, Apple, Saffron froth and Fennel Martini»

Cannelloni Rock Crab:
200 grs / 7 oz. Rock Crab Meat
150 grs / 5.25 oz. Cream Cheese
100 grs / 3.5 oz. Green Apple
30 grs/1.05 oz. Capers
40 grs / 1.4 oz. Cucumber Pickled
1 Cucumber
Cannelloni Rock Crab: Cook the crab and remove the meat from the shell. Cut in small cubes the green apple, capers, cucumber pickles and mix with crab and cream cheese. Season the mixture with salt and pepper. Slice the cucumber finely, lengthwise, and roll with the filling to mold the cannelloni.
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