«Potted Sautéed Sea Bass with Mussel Migas»

Sea bass:
1 sea bass
salt and pepper to taste
olive oil
30 g butter
Mussel Migas:
Fish broth Make a broth with fish heads and bones, 3 carrots, 2 onions, parsley, 2 leeks. Ensure it does not boil so that it doesn’t darken. Cook for 30 minutes, strain as finely as possible and set aside.

Shellfish broth:
Open mussels in a large pot. Add 1 onion, ½ leek, ½ carrot, thyme, and 250 ml white wine. Cover the pan with clingfilm. When all the mussels are open remove the clingfilm, strain the broth and set aside. Remove all the mussels from their shells, leave to cool and chop coarsely.

Migas (traditional Portuguese bread-based dish from the Alentejo region) are prepared in two stages:

1st stage:
Start with plenty of chopped garlic, finely chopped white and red onion, and olive oil. Add the broths (keep some shellfish broth to one side) and boil. Add Alentejo bread without the crust, soaked in a little milk. Stir well with wooden spoon until well bound. Set aside.

2nd stage:
Start again with chopped garlic and olive oil. Add only mussel broth then boil. Add the mixture prepared earlier and continue to stir. Add the chopped mussels. Finish with plenty of chopped coriander.

Fillet the sea bass (or ask the fishmonger to do it). Remove all bones and cut into portions of 50 g. Dry 4 pieces with a clean, dry cloth and season. Sauté the sea bass skin-down in olive oil. When it is half cooked add the butter. Flip over to cook the other side.

Serve in individual lidded pots. Fill each to about 70% of its capacity with hot migas. Please the sea bass on the migas and cover. Serve immediately.
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