«Scabbardfish strudel with pickled onion relish»

Scabbardfish strudel:
2 sheets filo pastry
100 g scabbardfish fillet
Butter to taste
Salt to taste
Black peppercorns to taste

Pickled onion relish:
250 g pickled onion
25 g olive oil
25 g honey
50 g Port wine
25 g balsamic vinegar
Scabbardfish strudel:
Cut the scabbardfish fillet into three. Season with olive oil, salt and black pepper Brush the filo pastry with butter Cut the filo pastry into three pieces Place some onion relish on the pastry, then add a piece of the seasoned fish Roll the pastry into a cylindrical form then bake in the oven for 10 min at 200ºC

Pickled onion relish:
Sauté the pickled onion in olive oil and honey until it begins to caramelise Add the vinegar and leave it to caramelise Add the Port little by little, letting it caramelise. This will take around 30 min Season with salt and freshly ground black pepper
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